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About Advantage III Plumbing and Heating

Ever since Joseph H. Ciampa III was a little boy he wanted to be in a profession that allowed him to help people using his own hands. Joe decided to follow his father’s, who is a Master Plumber, footsteps and made a choice to enroll himself in a Vocational High School. Soon after graduation Joe got his license and began his career hoping one day to grow from a single-man operation to a multiple-employee corporation. Joe started building plumbing and heating systems for newly built buildings which taught him in detail how the systems worked. Joe, wanting more, took the next step forward and became a foreman in a local plumbing and heating service company. That’s where Joe learned the importance of team work and dedication to helping others. After spending many years in the plumbing and heating service world, Joe knew what he needed to do next. He started developing a plumbing company that was more then just a leaking pipe repair company, but a full range service company that primarily focuses on the residential market of Greater Boston area.
Advantage III Plumbing and Heating is family-owned and operated in Winthrop, MA. Since opening, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

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Joe Ciampa III  
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
​... and Going Green
 In a business standpoint, Going Green is something that is both challenging and heartwarming. We are trying to take Advantage of the situation and provide services and products that help promote environmental protection.
  Going Green can be done by any business in all types of industry. What matters is the passion to really give our contribution to save the planet because people who have that kind of passion naturally have an incredible imagination to rebuild the value chain and inspire their clients in the process.
We are striving to become absolutely paperless business,
all the estimates and invoices are created on the iPad and copies are e-mailed to the customers. The customers also sign the invoice using iPad and have an option to pay us with a credit card right there on the spot.
We are using the products that are Eco-friendly (Navien's Eco Pre-mixed Burner generates at least 20% less CO and about 75% less harmfull air pollutants than other conventional water heaters; Rinnai Tankless Water Heater has earned ENERGY STAR approval by using less energy and preventing greenhouse gas emissions).

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Phone: (857) 544-9240
E-mail: jc3advantage@gmail.com
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